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Organisasi & Perusahaan: Suksesi
Organisasi & Perusahaan: Suksesi

Company & Organization: Succession

Assessment Services

Your employees should be able to show the best performance in its full potential so that they are ready to fight competition. Your managers need tools and information about the best people. So, how do you design things, such as:

  • Revealing their true abilities?
  • Put them in the work according to their strengths?
  • Provide an opportunity to develop according to their target?
  • Training and motivating them?


Therefore, companies need to do a meritocratic assessments over performance and mapping over potential employees so that your managers are better prepared to make decisions about his/her personnels. Moreover, selectively promoting the "insiders" will motivate your employees to learn that by doing the right thing and get the right result, they can build a career within your organization.

IISA Assessment, Consultancy & Research Centre help you determine which individuals are most suitable. Rather than taking superstars from outside, it is better to evaluate those who already works within.

We help you measure how fit your individual with a specific job in your organization, thus allowing you to evaluate to be projected succeed in a particular job.

Consultancy Services

Succession planning should be part of every organization's strategic objectives.

Succession planning enables companies to develop and promote employees from within the organization. It is mutually beneficial to both owners and employees. Owners save recruitment costs and time associated with the learning curve of new employees.

Management is responsible for ensuring that the organization is of high quality both in operations and employee performance. One of the most important practices to meet these responsibilities is to conduct succession planning, in which employees leave their jobs either planned or not. Unplanned disconnection may occur due to sudden illness or death, or poor performance. Termination of the plan usually occurs because employees make changes in both career and life.

Succession Consultancy of IISA Assessment, Consultancy & Research Centre implements basic principles of succession planning as follows:

  1. Do not wait until the employee go. Company should start planning from this moment.
  2. Succession planning is a personnel management issue, not a matter of crisis management; so that it needs procedures to start watching the practice from this moment.
  3. Succession should focus on policies, procedures and practices, in addition to the personality of candidates.
  4. Succession planning is a matter of effectiveness of role filling, rather than replacement of a particular person. Management should ensure that key positions are well defined, and then find the best person for the position. There is no place for reasons which merely based on preference or difference than of the previous person.
  5. Succession planning is the responsibility of management, not employees. But the best succession planning requires first, a working partnership between management and employees to accurately determine the role of employees and current priorities, and second, ensuring that employees have the information and resources which are relevant to the role to be filled.
  6. Succession planning should be in accordance with up-to-date personnel policies. It means, it must be in accordance with up-to-date personnel policies to ensure a sense of fairness and compliance with legal provisions.
  7. The quality of substituting candidates must be at least comparable to, or better than, the quality of the employees being replaced.


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