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Showing future road-map based on giftedness.


What becomes IISA calling in Indonesia? The reflections on IISA mission are as follow:

  1. Strengthening family’s life as strategy to cope with social/age changes.
  2. Revitalizing the basic values of the growth of relationships among family members.
  3. Minimizing transactional mode and strengthening relational mode in family life.
  4. Finding future-orientation which most fits  the existence of resources (economic, social, customs / culture, intellect, and spirituality) through a variety of methods and approaches.
  5. Equipping premarital couples with knowledge and skills to manage relationships between husband and wife, the economic life of family unit, and master the basics of parenthood.
  6. Preparing husband and wife to master the skills of being Insightful Intelligent Parent: the warmth relation between husband and wife, establishing parents–children relationship which is accurately read, targeted, arranged, timed and fitted for growing up the gifts and talents.
  7. Building the unity of parents-children’s social unit which occupies physical space landscape, where the optimization of lighting, ventilation system, spatial and energy layout take place.
  8. Making family life a vehicle driven consciously by the spirit of together living, not only the spirit of living together.
  9. Becoming a learning organization unit, where both parents and children realize their talents, interests, and personality tendencies with various alternative development, including the development of talent or special conditions.
  10. Becoming an experiential setting of social actors who in particular run the family economy in a planned and controlled way, and bases itself on the creation of a "balance of life", either at the beginning of the period of employment, at the peak of productivity, as well as towards full employment.
  11. Be a vehicle for entrepreneurship, where there is differentiation of functions, status and distinct organizational roles among business actors, and in which the management controls how to manage the company using the principles of good governance/management style.

The Background of Establishment of IISA VISI WASKITA Ltd.Co.

In mid-2004, after deciding to resign from the University of Surabaya, Dr. Edy Suhardono, M.Psi. started his career as a professional assessor along with some his former students who had been active in Labsos, among others were Audifax, Arfan La Angka, Sugeng Pramono, Mukti Ardi Wibowo. At the time, all the activity was centered  in his private house, at Jl. Pandugo Baru XII No 115 (Block U No. 27), Wisma Penjaringansari, Rungkut, Surabaya.

How was it initially that assessment became a field handled by Dr. Edy Suhardono, M.Psi.? Initially, assessment was not a focus of activities of Dr. Edy Suhardono, M.Psi. and his Labsos community. However, since 2001, the demand on training and research, especially from Telkom Regional Division V, East Java, triggered him to construct a new assessment instrument while researching. Later, his experience combining Research and Assessment became a prototype of the creation of Assessment By Research method. His research activity managed to accumulate 40s new assessment instruments outside those commonly used among psychology in particular, and the Human Resources activists in general.

Why should be created new assessment instruments which are not in the market? Facts on the ground show: first, psycho-test tends to be interpreted as a mere proforma –  just a merit to justify a decision; so there is no relation between the results of the psychological test and the performance predictability. Second, the spread of "psychological counseling" that sooner or later implicates in the increasingly low correlation between the results of psychological test due to habit of doing test with the content and format of questions and predictability about the ability, skills and competencies of candidates. Third, the growing availability of test materials and  psychological reading in various bookstores and flea markets which implicates on the profit of those who can access it.

There is no frog falling from the sky in the rain. Similarly was what happened to Dr. Edy Suhardono, M.Psi., the founder of PT IISA VISI WASKITA. He once headed the Laboratory of Social Psychology, University of Surabaya between 1997 and 2004. As Head of the Laboratory, he considered that the research activities of his Labsos community were not formally embodied in the institutions of formal education; thus he decided to rent a house in Block R No. 30, Wisma Penjaringansari, Rungkut, Surabaya under the banner of "The INSTITUTE of ALTERNATIVE SOCIAL SCIENCE ", a non-governmental research institute which worked between 1998–2004. He, along with his two colleagues of lab staff, Drs. Mohammad Fauzi, M. Psi, and Sony Karsono, S.Psi., then turned back on the "Labsos Community" and crossed here and there by dozens of research until the end of 2002, when the college finally allocated space for this community.

The Key Role of IISA

  1. IISA becomes a center of research, study and publication in relation with the development of knowledge and skills of family management.
  2. IISA becomes a node of information and coordination of various other parties (NGOs, community, event organizers, personal contributors) who work in field of coaching or family services.
  3. IISA becomes a role model for family-based enterprise management.
  4. IISA becomes a service provider: consultancy, assessment, training / short courses provision, facilitation or mentoring of family management and  management of family firms.

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