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Organisasi & Perusahaan: Penempatan
Organisasi & Perusahaan: Penempatan

Company & Organization: Placement

Assessment Services

The assessment of work placement is an after stage of recruitment and selection assessments, in which employees acquire such a development program or should get particular work preparation. Last conditions below become the basis for deciding:

  • Will the employee be placed at temporary / seasonal or permanent position?
  • Should their payment be allocated by "subsidy" of certain financial post or allocated specifically?
  • Are they going to be placed as part-time (usually less than 35 hours per week) or full time employees?
  • Should the participant be given training of specific job skills, are their placements targeted in  positions associated with the jobs or other jobs?

Some programs do not treat the work carried by employees as placements, unless payroll units have been allocated. It is also important to distinguish between "the number of placements" should be filled and the "number of people to be placed".

Consultancy Services

The consultancy of work placement is intended to fit job placement according to both company and employee perspective. Prior to proceeding, we need to study back the advertising for applicants, we also need to read their applications, and scheduling interviews to determine the minimal job-person fit. The minimum target is to reduce the list of applicants according to portfolio of verified educational background and experience suitability, as well as through interviews with their former boss.

Different people find satisfaction in different terms. Some people like to experience different work atmospheres and challenges, while some prefer the stability of long-term position, and others prefer a flexible work schedule and routine. The right jobs for your employees are not only jobs that are in accordance with their expertise and experience, but also jobs which are prioritized or emphasized.

Placement Consultancy types:

  1. Temporary Placement. It is reserved for candidates who enjoy a more flexible schedule and various working atmospheres. This kind of placement also enables candidates to refine the skills-owned–and learn the new ones–while maintaining their flexibility.
  2. Placing from Temporary to Permanent Employees. That has to be considered is the ascertainment of match between skills, goals and career opportunities which allow the level of satisfaction and success, and in turn, increase profits and benefit of the company.
  3. Permanent Placement. The key word is "compatibility". The target of this placement is the matching of opportunities, interests, skills, work styles and career goals. We equip this with career counseling.


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