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Assessment & Consultation

Assessment & Consultation

Education, Parenting, Family & Marital, Personal, Organization & Company, Business & Career


IISA Assessment, Consultancy & Research Centre is dedicated to provide innovative and comprehensive services for parents, schools and organizations. We offer a variety of educational services on the basis of Multiple Intelligences.


Are you having trouble being a parent? Do you have difficulty interpreting or understanding the signs on children? We provide information and advice to understand problems of children and develop them, so you no longer 'stuck' in a situation that makes you nervous.


IISA Assessment, Consultancy & Research Centre provides support for problem solving through acquisition and upgrading of skills and strategies to overcome problems, such as husband–wife relationships, parent–child relationship, sisterhood/brotherhood in law, Batih family with a large family, father/mother–daughter/son-in-law, and neighborhood; minor problems that keep going unresolved, stress management, body image issues, and creative disorder.


Personal problems are present along with lifestyle changes and professional life which quickly leaves the case of mental instability and imbalance between people. If you experience such problems, IISA Assessment, Consultancy & Research Centre prepares assessment services to provide assistance and consultancy.


Our decision to take recruitment job is based on our responsiveness to the composition of the stakeholders in your company, including recruitment manager, manager of general affairs, a fellow provider of recruitment services, HR manager, even candidates who will be recruited. In addition to stakeholders, other things which come as focus for us are how to provide the best services, with as simple as possible procedure, quick execution, and the lowest possible price; we do customized and "tailor-made".


We offer a variety of tools and services to help your company get the right man at the right position. The selection is intended to help you choose the right ones through a variety of screening and assessment tools, such as written tests, interviews, oral examinations, questionnaires, and the candidate's biographical data.


The assessment of work placement is an after stage of recruitment and selection assessments, in which employees acquire such a development program or should get particular work preparation. Last conditions below become the basis for deciding  number of things like “Will the employee be placed at temporary / seasonal or permanent position?”


Facts on the ground found by IISA Assessment, Consultancy & Research Centre showed the best specialists are not automatically able to be the best leaders in the fields / departments. The results of team work depend on the style of leadership, coordination methods, motivation systems, and the work climate that is largely the result of the styles of leading people.


Your employees should be able to show the best performance in its full potential so that they are ready to fight competition. Your managers need tools and information about the best people. So, how do you design things, such as: “Revealing their true abilities?”


IISA Assessment, Consultancy & Research Centre is leading solution provider of career development, mentoring development, and transition for individuals on the basis of Multiple Intelligences approach.

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