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Organisasi & Perusahaan: Promosi
Organisasi & Perusahaan: Promosi

Company & Organization: Promotion

Assessment Services

Facts on the ground found by IISA Assessment Centre showed the best specialists are not automatically able to be the best leaders in the fields / departments. The results of team work depend on the style of leadership, coordination methods, motivation systems, and the work climate that is largely the result of the styles of leading people.

The emphasis of assessment of promotion is the predictive power. It means how far the success or failure of candidates can be predicted from results of the assessment, so that management can avoid the possibility of placing employees who do not have the skills as required for management positions.

Therefore, we need to combine several comprehensive evaluation procedures to be performed by our specialists, among others are doing "in basket simulation", case studies, simulation, occupational personality test; intelligence evaluation, and giftedness test.

Consultancy Services

An internal promotion allows an employee to be promoted, for example: to be a supervisor. Such promotion is usually based on performance management planning that has been structured, in addition to employee's ability to successfully achieve the goals. Employees to be promoted need assistance to go through the stages of transition.

Why consulting is necessary? An organisation has a responsibility to provide a structure and framework so that transition goes well and smooth. Some of issues that must be anticipated:

  1. When an employee is promoted within the department, there are some potential issues that may be develop if the organization does not manage to do proper communication and training.
  2. Promoted office holders should be encouraged to minimize the social interaction with his former colleagues.
  3. Promoted office holders should be taught how to respond inappropriate requests that may come from  former co-workers.
  4. Promoted office holders should be taught about the error rate in the performance appraisal process so that they are not caught up in making the evaluation bias.
  5. Promoted office holders should be monitored through open communication, so s/he knows whom s/he asks for help.


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