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Cleaving Your Deadlock APart

P roblem is the gap between expectation and reality that occurs naturally every day. But for us, there is no unsolvable problem for good. Problems may actually be a signal and an opportunity to change lives to be better and happier.

Depart and be with you, we try to help locate and determine which route should be taken in order to grow you in knowledge, reasoning, and communication of beliefs, attitudes, intentions and the best act in you.


  • Assessment
  • Research and Analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Therapy Auriculo
Assessment by Research works with the principle of making research more offer guarantees the validity and reliability of the data. Assessment by Research is able to uncover the source of problem, synthesize the HR data of job applicants / incumbents that consider reassigned / promoted; historical and actual data of your organization; while providing a healing effect through reflective items. This method is not only accurate, but also offers a medium for self-evaluation.More Details…
With its unique methodology, valid, and predictive, as well as a touch of reason and a sense of helplessness, IISA has trusted accompany more than 16-thousand parents identify and map both talents, profession, occupation, and study the most appropriate orientation for the children through Multiple Intelligence Test that Indonesian typical.More Details…
Consultancy services relating to the life of family business in various scales: difficulty parenting and child education, child intelligence mapping with multiple intelligences, and the determination of field studies majors, hobbies and professional development of the child; husband-wife relationships, family time management, and transfer preparation of business ownership. More Details…
Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic intervention with the stimulation on the outer ear (auricle) which is a miniature of the overall health condition of the body. Although originally a form of micro-accupuncture of China’s macro-accupuncture system, the development by the French scientists discover, there is correspondence (mutual responsiveness) between certain parts of the body to specific parts of the ear. More Details…

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